Credit Debt Solutions-Pay Credit Debt Down

Credit debt solutions-giving us the means to pay credit debt down and improving our financial future, is a simple strategy that we can implement in our everyday lives that will enable us to easily save money that normally we were throwing away. The money that we save will then be exclusively used to pay credit debt down that currently is doing nothing but hurting our overall finances. The result of all this will be a new ability to save for our future, which in turn will help us achieve greater financial stability. This information is by no means attempting to cover every way this can be done, but just a select few in order to remind everyone that by changing the way we think, we can change the outcome of our future.

When looking for credit debt solutions, we always seem to overlook the obvious ways that can help us to achieve financial success. We seem to forget the fact that there are some things we can do on our own without using the help of all those high priced accountants or all those expensive courses someone is always trying to sell us. I’m not saying that they don’t have a place in this world, because I know for a fact that they do. It is important however we understand what we do control and that doesn’t cost us any money to implement, but yet can still have a major impact with our finances. Remember, our goal is to find the obvious from the beginning, without having to spend hundreds of dollars just to start, only to have to wait a while to see some real savings. Our criteria for this is we simply want to be able to make small changes in our everyday life that will create real savings for us. We then will only use these savings to pay credit debt down until we eventually reach a zero balance, therefore eliminating all those unnecessary bills. We do this with the idea that we can then begin to save more for our future while also adding greater financial stability to our lives.

The first free credit debt solution is to be money smart and alert. By being alert, we will become more money smart later on. Knowing where our money is going is a key factor in this solution. We need to set limits for ourselves when out shopping and then stop when those limits have been met. Here is a good rule to follow whenever your out shopping. Only purchase exactly what you originally set out to get, and never impulse buy. This type of spending will always create financial problems for us. By sticking to our original shopping list, we will definitely save money. This money will only be used to pay credit debt down as planned, so that soon these bills will be completely eliminated. By doing this, we can then begin to save more money for our future.

The second free credit debt solution is to balance your books. By balancing your books, I mean your checkbook. By not keeping your checkbook balanced, you are taking an incredible risk of overdrawing on your account. And as we all know, bouncing checks is a very expensive hobby. I call it a hobby because some people just love to do it. How else can you explain why anyone would willingly hand over an overdraft fee (usually between $20.00 to $30.00) simply out of laziness or sloppiness. What I really like though is when someone sends out 7 checks at the beginning of the month and the combine total is just $3.00 overdrawn. We all know what happens next. Our friends at the bank will bounce every check that was written and not just the one that made you overdrawn. Is that a great system or what. So the next time you receive your favorite credit card statement, add up in your mind all the unnecessary overdraft fees you paid throughout your lifetime, and just imagine instead if that money was used for one reason only, just to pay credit debt down and nothing more. Ever wonder what that statement would look like today. Keep in mind that you cannot just subtract totals. You have to figure in the interest over that period of time that keeps increasing as the months go by. There are other factors with figuring all this out as well, but we are not going to get into that because I’m sure you get the picture by now.

Cutting utility costs is your third free credit debt solution. Cutting down on our utility costs is probably the easiest of all for seeing real money saved at the end of the month. There are literally countless ways we can all come up with to help us save on these. For example you may want to start by turning the thermostat up a couple of degrees in the summer and down in the winter when leaving your home for work everyday. For the electricity, maybe you can charge everyone a quarter each time they leave a room and forget to turn off the lights. Put the quarters in a jar and you’ll be shocked to see what you have at the end of each month. Not only will you have extra money to pay credit debt down as designed, but you will also be teaching your family a very valuable lesson about being wasteful and how to eliminate it.

Each of these credit debt solutions are free and can be done by anyone with minimal effort on their part. Of course there are many more ways for you to achieve this. As we stated earlier, our intention was not to list them all, but only to get you thinking in the right direction.

Author: Chiara Wilford