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Are you tired of being harassed by those collection agency’s. Dinner time phone calls. Being turned down for credit. These folks could be your answer.


“Dear Curadebt supervisors,

I am writing to you in hopes that you will recognize my negotiator – Lorena.

Recently my husband and I settled 3 credit cards with Lorena. The entire staff at Curadebt, especially Lorena, was outstanding. From the moment my husband and I came to Curadebt, I felt we were greeted with a friendly smile. Lorena knew how hard it was for me to talk about my debt but she made me feel so at ease. Lorena´s kindness and thoughfulness was way above above expectations and the manner in which she represented not only herself but also your business is to be commended.

I felt Lorena´s words that she extended were genuine and offered easily. I know you cannot train someone in these skills and emotions; they are a person´s true makeup and inner spirit. Your entire staff at this company is unique and my hopes are that you already recognize that and value them as employees and representatives of your business.

Please extend our thanks to all who work at Curadebt. You have won a person of testimonial for life not to mention all the family members and friends we alrady told!



Thank you so much!

We are so thankful for all that Curadebt has done for us! I never could have imagined that we could have cleared as much debt as we have in the past year and a half. We tried for many years to accomplish this on our own and obviously could not achieve these results. So, again thank you to you and all of your team for your outstanding work and effort on our behalf. You will receive referrals from us.


I wanted to first thank you for everything that you and your team have done. My program was very successful and I was able to resolve over $168,000 in debt within about four months at approximately 30% of it’s total value. I am amazed by how well your program worked and will be referring it to friends and family in need. I want to especially acknowledge Yamile, who did an amazing job for me. It’s great to know that in these troubled times curadebt can help people get a fresh start. (you may use this as a reference as long as you change my name).

Karen J.

These Of Course Are Just A Small Sampling of their testimonials. To Continue With Curadebt, Just Click On Their Link Below And I guarantee you wont be disappointed. Please keep in mind this is a $ 10,000.00 dollar minimum with this group.

Author: Chiara Wilford