Steps To Fix And Repair Bad Credit

Fix Bad Credit

In order to fix and repair bad credit properly, there are some very specific actions you need to take.  Just remember this is not a sprint, so take your time and whatever steps you need to do, it’s more important that their done properly, rather then being done quickly. Some of these procedures will be easy and painless, while others will involve changing our habits and behavior.

If your going to fix and repair bad credit right way, you must begin by getting a copy of your credit report. For a few dollars, you can get a copy from any of the top 3 reporting agencies. Once you receive this, go through it very carefully and make sure there are no errors. After you have completed this step and you are satisfied with the results, you will then need to go through your credit report again, but this time to verify what exactly is being reported on you. Once this is done and you are satisfied with the outcome, you can then go through it one more time, checking for any omissions that you want added to your records. Legally, you can add information to your report if you believe it’s going to increase your score. And now for the final step using our credit report. We need to talk to the creditors we rightfully owe and begin making payment arrangements, then we need to talk to the creditors we don’t owe and make sure the errors are removed from our credit report. Remember, if were going to repair your bad credit effectively, all these steps must be completed with 100% accuracy.

Now it’s time to move on to the next phase of our fix and repair credit strategy. We are now going to get control of our finances. To do this, we will begin by ceasing any use of our credit cards. Unless it’s an extreme emergency, using them in the foreseeable future is out of the question. Common sense will tell you, it is impossible to fix and repair credit while your constantly driving yourself deeper and deeper into debt. Now that we understand each other, we can move onto the final stage.

We need to put together a budget plan and stick to it. We can begin by listing all of our monthly income vs. our monthly expenses. First, list your expenses that are a constant. Such as payment arrangements you previously made with old creditors, mortgage, utilities, phone etc. Now we can figure out a budget for our miscellaneous expenses such as clothing, transportation, leisure etc. When you complete these steps, you will have implemented a complete fix and repair credit strategy, that given a little time, will not only begin to restore your credit, but will also improve the overall quality of your life.

Author: Michael Jacob